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A new week, a new challenge. This week Vic asked to see the place we sleep in. Quite a challenge as I sleep in the guest bedroom at the moment. Ever since we moved Little Miss Bossy-Boots from her cot into a cot bed she has been waking up almost every night and getting into my bed waking everyone in the process. We realised quite soon that if Master was to have a decent night’s sleep we would have to sleep in separate rooms. Master has a long commute every day and I’m happier knowing that he leaves the house well-rested.

Anyway, here’s my little corner:

The grey cushion is the one I got from Christina in the cushion swap. I love the colours and texture of it so instead of leaving it in the bedroom I brought it with me to the spare room. Every night I lean against it while reading a few pages.

The monkey on the bed is very special to me. I spotted him in the window of the toy shop when I was a little girl and asked my mum if I could have him. The answer was “no”. A couple of days later I was passing the toy shop with my grandfather (morfar) and showed him the lovely monkey. I’m sure you all know what happened next. Yes, he bought it for me. He lost his eyes many years ago and I replaced them with two buttons. Last year he lost one of the buttons and I still haven’t sewn it back on. I’m debating whether I should get some proper eyes again or just sew the button back on. He might stay one-eyed for quite a while as I’m not very good at decision making….

The pictures above the bed are a framed Megalodon tooth which was a Christmas gift from Master and an old print I found at an antiques fair for £10. I love it’s dreamy quality.

Did you spot it? Yep, there’s a Kindle on the headboard. LOVE it. Now I just need to make a cover for it.

4 thoughts on “My Place and Yours: My bed

  1. It looks like a very peaceful room and your monkey is very sweet. I still have my Teddy and he is looking a lot more worn than your little monkey.

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