On a Roll

I’m on a roll. My list of UFOs is getting smaller by the day. First I finished my Swoon, which is being used by the whole family.

Then I finished my Rainbow Hexies.

I wasn’t sure how to quilt them and in the end quilted straight lines in every other row, while following the hexies in the others. I’m hoping that once the cushion cover is washed it’ll give a nice effect.

The back is simply the same Essex linen with a bright red zip so that I can easily take off and wash the cover. Which, I’m sure, will be necessary as this is our cat Charlie’s little corner.

Next on the list is my Hexy Heart. However, before I start on that one I will have to clean the house. I’ve turned a blind eye to all the dust bunnies hiding in the corners but they’re slowly growing into elephants. Time to roll up my sleeves, I believe.

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