London(e) Star

Hurrah, I finished my London Star cushion cover and I’m really pleased with it. There are a few things that niggle at me but I won’t share what they are as I don’t want anyone to study the picture too carefully and find the flaws. I quilted it by following the star shape twice. I thought about continuing to echo quilt but liked the way it looked now, so I stopped.

I learned a lot from making this project. First, designing your own block is daunting but a lot of fun and once you’ve started you see quilt blocks everywhere. I’ve got a few sketches in my little notebook but before I can sit down and translate them into fabric I have to finish a few WIPs.

Second, think about how to iron the seams before you start sewing and stay consistent. Because I only thought of this as a trial piece I didn’t really care and ironed some seams open and some not. It makes it all a bit awkward.

Third, I realise that I’m not a fan of white as a background. After my Summer Luv mini quilt and this cushion cover I can honestly say that it will be quite a while before I sew with white again. Cream or light grey I would use anytime but not white.

Fourth, I really, really want to make a whole quilt with different size London Stars. Again, I have to finish a few things before I can think about that but when I do I might try to write a pattern. Biting off more than I can chew? Probably, but if I don’t try I can’t succeed, can I?

This cushion cover is coming with me to Switzerland next week and will be given to someone special.


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