Swooning along

When Katy from Monkey Do (aka I’m a Ginger Monkey) asked if anyone wanted to join her Swoon-along my first instinct was to go “yes, I do!” Then reason hit me and I thought how can I even contemplate making a Swoon quilt with so little previous experience in quilting. So reason won. For about a week. Then I went and bought the pattern and started fretting.

Yesterday evening I finally decided that I’ve fretted enough, grabbed two fat quarters and started cutting. I’m going to make a trial block before I go and buy fabric for a whole quilt. The reason I decided to go for it are all the posts with tips and tricks that I read on the flickr group‘s pages. Yes, I’m new to this whole quilting thing but with that much support what can go wrong? A lot, I know, but I’m not scared. Ignorance is bliss after all.

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