Diamonds are Forever

This afternoon, Little Miss Bossy-Boots asked if I could teach her to sew. My heart did a little somersault before I answered that I would be exceedingly happy to teach her to sew. She decided that she wanted to make a cushion and I asked her what her thoughts were about the design. “Diamonds”, she said and proceeded to draw a diamond just in case I wasn’t sure what a diamond is.

She went and picked some fabrics and I cut them into diamond shapes for her. She shuffled them about a bit and then decided on the layout. I helped her pin together the sections and she sewed them together.

Diamonds Cushion

I absolutely love the cushion and so does she. These are colours and fabrics I would never have put together but now that I see them sitting next to each other I really like the colour palette. Maybe that’s just my mother’s heart talking? The points don’t line up and some of the seams are pretty crooked but all in all I think it’s marvellous.


3 thoughts on “Diamonds are Forever

  1. Dear little Miss Bossy-Boots! You made a fabulous choice and you did a good job with your first cushion. I am sure you mom is very proud of you – and so are we! I am looking forward to see what you come up with next time!

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