I Follow, You Follow, We Follow

Last Saturday I noticed that I had 297 followers on Instagram (I’m lemonshark on there). I love Instagram because you can easily upload a picture of what you’re working on and get feedback from likeminded people. Anyway, I posted a picture of this number and said I was going to organise a giveaway of an EPP mini once I reached the magic number of 300.


Imagine my surprise when I was tagged by Karie (karietkq on Instagram) who had posted a collage of some of my EPP designs and suggested to her followers that they should follow me. Within half an hour I had ten more followers and by the end of the day 46!

So I sat down and designed this mini:Giveaway Mini

So far I’ve done the first round and I’m in love with it. I really hope that people will like it too and enter my giveaway. It has some of my favourite designers and fabrics in it, Tula Pink, Denyse Schmidt, Carolyn Friedlander and, of course, some Kona solids and I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of the week. If you like it and would like a chance to win it you’ll have to hop on Instagram and follow me…

EPP Giveaway Mini

It’s Here!

My DQS 13 mini quilt arrived and I love it! This little beauty was made by Brenis (Hey Diddle Diddle Woolies on flickr) and came all the way from America.

Spider's Web

However, this wasn’t the only thing that arrived. Check this out:


The pouch is as adorable as it is practical and I simply love the Denyse Schmidt scraps destined for my Spring Carnival quilt.

Swaps are always a bit hit and miss but this time I have most definitely hit the jackpot.

DQS 13 Package



A Little Extra

In my last post I promised I would show you the pincushion I was making for my BQS 3 partner.

Voila! I used some Klona cream, Hope Valley and scraps from the mini quilt. I think it looks quite cute although you need some very sharp pins to penetrate the owl appliqué. Maybe my partner will be happy to simply have it sitting on a shelf looking pretty.

PS the back is the same Hope Valley print I used for the wings.

BQS 3 – The End

The mailing window for the British Quilt Swap Round 3 opened last Thursday and I’m happy to report that I will be sending my mini off on Monday, a little later than I wanted.

On the other hand I’ve been very lucky and have already received my mini from my partner Teresa, The Lochside Quilter. Look what she sent me:

Little Miss Bossy-Boots took one look at the  hexagon quilt and asked if she could have it for her dolls. I’m still thinking about it… Did you notice the cute little tissue holder and fabulous charms Teresa included? The latter will definitely find their way into my Spring Carnival quilt.

Thank you so much, Teresa!


The quilt I made isn’t something I would have made for myself and it really took me out of my comfort zone. However, it has taught me a lot. First, I loved the curved piecing and can see some more of it in my future. Second, raw edge appliqué is fun and can be very effective. I like the fact that the tree trunk’s and leaves’ edges are a bit fuzzy. Third, autumnal colours are beautiful. I don’t use them much although I was obviously attracted to them before this mini as I bought Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley a couple of years ago.

Here’s the label I embroidered for the back.

In addition to the quilt we’re supposed to send a little extra gift.

I love pincushions and think that you can never have enough when you’re sewing so that is what I’m making for my partner. I’ll show you a picture once I’ve finished it. I know the number of pincushions I have has quadrupled in the last few months because they are so much fun to make and receive.

Now all I can do is wait and hope that my partner likes what I made for her. Fingers crossed.