DQS 13 Finished!

Yeah, I’ve finished my DQS 13 mini quilt today. I am so pleased with it and find it rather difficult to part with. Hopefully my partner will love it as much as I do.

I wasn’t sure about how to quilt it (the story of my life) but in the end I went with one line of quilting in the centre, some stitch in the ditch between the pink and the purple and finally some echo quilting on the outside.

Finished DQS 13 Mini Quilt

I had thought of putting a scrappy border around the flower first. However, when I saw the flower appliqued onto the linen background I felt that a border would distract from it too much. Instead I simply made the scrappy binding a little wider than usual. I really like the slightly wider binding, it frames the flower beautifully.

I’ve added a little pin cushion, scraps and some chocolate to my parcel. Bye bye little quilt, I hope you have a good life.

Edited to add: I have found the pattern for this quilt on Craftsy. The Girih Tiles pattern was designed by Endulzar and you can purchase the pattern here.

Doll Quilt Swap

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas. We had a very quiet Christmas Day which was just what I needed after recovering from the flu. It’s obvious though that I’m not quite back to normal as I didn’t take a single picture!

In other news, I believe I might have mentioned before that I signed up for another swap, namely the Doll Quilt Swap 13. I tried to get into this swap earlier and wasn’t picked; this time, however, I was. I’ve got my partner and she’s basically given me free reins. Not as easy as you might think. When your partner gives you lots of pointers it’s easier to pick colours and shapes. Having checked her favourites on flickr and mulled over it a bit I’ve decided to go for some English Paper Piecing.

I’ve come up with two patterns I like but simply can’t decide. Which one do you prefer?

Number one.

EPP Spider's WebOr Number two?

I’ve pulled some texty fabrics, some small florals and bright solids for this. I’m really looking forward to starting on it, if only I knew which version to pick.