How not to…

…write a tutorial. I finally sat down to write the tutorial for my Modern Churn Dash quilt and totally messed up because I was trying to finish the sewing before I had to pick up Little Miss Bossy-Boots from Kindergarten. However, I really like the mess I made and am happy to show it to you.


This is what the churn dash looks like when you sew some of the pieces the wrong way. I did it with the first row and didn’t realise it until I finished sewing together the second row. I had the choice to unpick but decided to continue instead.

Positive Doughnut

I’m not sure what this block is called but I named it the ‘positive doughnut’ and I love it so much that I’m thinking of turning it into a quilt rather than a cushion as planned. It means I’ll have to go and buy some more of the background fabric, a shimmery little Michael Miller number.

The tutorial for the churn dash will be posted this week with lots of illustrations drawn in TouchDraw…

Modern Churn Dash