A Rescue and a Finish

What do you do when your daughter’s favourite Barbie loses a leg? You turn her into a mermaid, of course.

I used some red organza leftover from the days when I made theatre costumes at uni. It has a beautiful golden sheen, perfect for making a fish tail.

First I layered the organza with some sew in interfacing and sewed a scallop pattern all over it to mimic scales. I didn’t do a great job but I don’t believe Little Miss Bossy-Boots minds. Then I cut out a mermaid tail shape (is there such a word in the English language?), added a heart shaped fin, sewed it together and turned it right side out. Next I removed the Barbie’s second leg and attached a pipe cleaner to the Barbie to ensure the tail could be moved into different poses. Then I put the pipe cleaner into the tail and added a little wadding to fill out the tail. My last step was to pull the tail over the Barbie’s bottom and hot-glue the tail to the Barbie’s body. Hey presto, a mermaid.


In other news Hester, the gorgeous Woodland Portrait by Jo Avery from Bearpaw, is finished!

I wish I’d had a darker blue floss for the name as it is rather difficult to read but it’s not the end of the world. Also, I don’t think this Hester is going to be alone for long, my friend Julie looooves rabbits so one might just make its way to Switzerland…

From dress to skirt

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted a dress of her daughter’s which was covered in paint. She loved the fabric and thought that I could make something with the pieces that weren’t full of yellow and blue paint. I have to admit that I never say “no” to fabric even if it’s only small scraps but when I saw the dress I quickly realised that I could rescue it. All I had to do is cut off the stained top and part of the skirt to recycle it.

The photos were taken with the old camera and you can’t see the stains very well but they are there. Promise!

There were a couple of paint stains that I couldn’t cut away so I hid them with the bow at the back and the yo-yos at the front. My friend was really pleased with the result and her daughter loved getting her favourite dress back even if it had been turned into a skirt.