An Australian Adventure

Yeah, I’ve finished the cushion cover for the cushion cover swap! I know I promised you a reveal yesterday but I wasn’t able to finish the cover till after Little Miss Bossy-Boots had gone to bed and didn’t want to take pictures in the dark. Here it is though:

I really love it. It came out just the way I imagined it. I used one of Master’s shirts which still looked perfect except for the collar. I know that quite a few shirty cushion covers have been floating about blogland and thought I’d try my hand at making one. I love to recycle and use lots of repurposed materials when I’m crafting. Using a shirt to make a cushion cover means you don’t need to think about zips or envelopes and the buttons are a fun detail on the back of the cushion cover.

The cushion cover looks a bit floppy because I don’t have a form that is big enough. My cushions are all sorts of shapes and sizes and I will have to go and buy a suitable form when my cushion arrives.

The flower is constructed out of 18 petals in three different sizes and a vintage button from my button box.

The flower is set inside a frame sewn from the same shirt material while the panel is a white cotton sateen. As the shirt material is quite thin I lined the entire cushion cover to give it a bit more body and to make sure it lasts a little bit longer.

I really hope that the girl who is receiving this cushion cover likes it. It’s a fairly classic looking cushion and I just might make one for myself next time one of Master’s shirts isn’t up to being worn as a shirt anymore.

Tomorrow this cushion cover is off to Australia. Bon voyage!