Treasure Thursday

Today I’d like to show you something sewing related again: a needle case.

Needle Case

As far as I remember this one came from one of my mother’s friends. It’s only about 2″ long and only fits fairly short needles. I know nothing about it but assume that it’s fairly old. The needle case lives in my hand sewing box making sure I always have sharp needles at hand.

Needle Case

Treasure Thursday

It’s Valentine’s Day today and I have to admit I don’t celebrate it. Despite that I’ve chosen a treasure today that sort of ties in with the theme: A picture in a picture frame.

Photo Frame

This faded photograph of my sister and I in it’s lovely 1950-ies frame stood on my grandparents piano together with many other pictures of us growing up. I have a whole collection of these frames, some of which I inherited from my grandparents others that I bought at secondhand shops. I’ve taken the photographs out of some of them but this one I kept despite the fact that it’s so faded you can hardly see us. To me it’s a little reminder of my family which I miss a lot living here in England.

Treasure Thursday

Every Thursday I pick one of my ‘treasures’ and tell you a little bit about it. This week I’ve chosen a wall hanging which I bought for the stairwell when we moved into our house.

Wall hanging

I found it in a small shop called Ethnic Origins in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire. Apparently it’s made from old torn or stained saris and the embroideries and beading are absolutely exquisite. I’m sorry that the pictures don’t really do the wall hanging justice.


The flowers on this arch are my favourite part.


The details are amazing. I can only imagine how beautiful the women wearing these saris looked. One of the reasons I love this wall hanging so much is the fact that it’s recycling at its best. It would have been an absolute disgrace to throw these wonderful fabrics in the bin, don’t you think?

When I first got it I didn’t know which way to hang it up as there was no hanging sleeve. In the end I decided that one way looked like a river running under some bridges and arches.

Being fairly new to quilting I really hope that I will be able to make something as beautiful and improvisational as this wall hanging one day.

Treasure Thursday

Every Thursday I pick one of my personal treasures, i.e. things that are very close to my heart, and tell you a little bit about them.

This week I would like to show you a another secondhand shop find. When I was a student, I had a small room in Bern which I tried to furnish on a very tight budget with things from home and cheap finds at the secondhand shop. I was very lucky as one of the nicer shops was around the corner from where I lived. One day I found this little beauty in a corner:

Enamel Plate

I fell in love with the colours but felt that it was too expensive at £4. After all I didn’t need it and for just a couple more pounds I could get a bedside table which I was in need of. I’m sure you can guess what happened, right? Yes, I left the bedside table and went home with my little enamel plate. It’s in constant use and has been since the day I bought it. It’s the perfect size at about 4.5″ for a couple of biscuits or a small slice of cake and holds my tea bag whenever I make a cup of herbal tea.

It’s signed on the back but I can’t read the signature.

Enamel Plate, Signature

I just love the colours and wish I could make a quilt that looked like that.

Enamel Plate, Detail

By the way, I went back for the bedside table the following month and bought it. It was a yucky dark brown colour and I quickly turned it into a lovely orange little number. It has since changed colour a few times and has been painted blue, green, white and pink. Little Miss Bossy-Boots and I painted it pink last summer and it now resides in her room. It was well worth the £6 I paid for it.