Last Saturday Little Miss Bossy-Boots was “helping” me with my sewing. She was taking things out of my hand sewing pouch and putting them in again, opening and closing the flap. After a while she announced that she wanted a pouch like that. So Mummy dropped what she was doing and dived into her pink stash. The little Miss then chose this lovely Cosmo Cricket ‘Girl Friday’ by Andover Fabrics that has been in the stash for a little while. She then chose a bright pink zip and a little pink heart button. The fabric for the pocket and lining was chosen from a selection of fabrics that I showed her. I love the white polka dots on the bright green background by Stof.

I used Florence’s Tutorial but boxed the corners simply because I think it’s easier to see what is in your pouch.

I just love the lining and the bright pink zip.

Now, would you like to know what was in the pouch when I grabbed it to take these pictures?

I can see sparkly shells, plastic coins, a belt, a clicker, a tape measure, the letter “E” from her name, a hair clip, an eraser or two, a piece of string, a bird and a few more unidentified objects. I think it’s fair to say that she finds it handy.

Have a lovely day!


A handy pouch

A little while ago I made myself a handy pouch to keep my hand sewing kit in. I love hand sewing and get a little annoyed when I have to search for the right needle, thread, small scissors and thimble. Always wondering who moved them and always realising that it was me, myself and I….

I pulled out one of my favourite fabrics (Denyse Schmidt’s “Hope Valley”) in a lovely bright chartreuse, a few bits from Nel Whatmore’s “Happy Go Lucky” line and a purple zip and made myself a zippered pouch in which to keep my hand sewing stuff.

The lining is a patchwork of Nel Whatmore’s lovely fabrics.

Did you also notice the little thingybobby for my scissors? I couldn’t leave it rattling about in my pouch now, could I?

The flap at the front is actually for needles. I could, of course, have added some felt as well but didn’t want to hide the lovely flower. At first I only had the one button to keep the flap up but soon realised that the corners kept catching on things, especially when I had the pouch in a bag. I added the two poppers to make sure that I don’t lose any of my needles.

Now, the pictures aren’t the greatest as the weather here is really grey and horrible. It just shows me that I should remember to take pictures when the sun is shining. I hope you have lovely weather wherever you are.