A Doll Carrier: Work in Progress

Little Miss Bossy-Boots loves her dolls and often asks if she can bring one to pre-school. This usually involves bringing a pushchair which I end up carrying home again.

Lugging a doll’s pushchair around is not my favourite pastime so a couple of days ago I decided that I would make Little Miss Bossy-Boots a baby carrier (she calls all the dolls her babies).

Searching on the internet I couldn’t really find what I was looking for. Most of the tutorials were for slings or carriers that have to be put on by a helper. However, I want her to be able to put it on all by herself so that she can feel all grown up.

It’s still work in progress as I haven’t sorted out the straps yet. Hopefully I will get there soon and if I do I’ll post a pattern on this blog. Watch this space.


PS When I showed Little Miss Bossy-Boots what I was doing she said to me: “I don’t like it. I want a pink one!”

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