Doll Carrier: Sort of sorted

Last night I couldn’t sleep, mulling over how I could finish the doll carrier so that Little Miss Bossy-Boots could put it on all by herself. Early (and I do mean very early) in the morning I thought of adding an elasticated belt with the straps attached to it. This slightly unconventional solution means that the Little Miss can step into the carrier, hike it up to her waist, add the baby and pull the straps over her shoulders to distribute the weight comfortably.

Well, that was the theory anyway. Once I was awake and thinking more clearly I thought that it was a really rubbish idea and went on to make a belt that is closed with two d-rings. Admittedly, Little Miss Bossy-Boots can’t quite manage to put the carrier on herself but she can pull the belt tight which makes her very happy.

There are a couple of things I want to change so I’m going to sew another one tomorrow while Little Miss Bossy-Boots is in pre-school. This will give me a chance to think about the changes (and sizes!) and take pictures for a tutorial.

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