Treasure Thursday

Round and round the garden like a teddy bear….

This weeks treasures are a few handmade teddy bears, all made by my lovely friend Dorte. The first two teddies were our wedding gift form Dorte and her husband Leigh. They were modelled on us and are called Freya and Padraig.

Wedding BearsAren’t they just the cutest little couple?

Freya and Padraig

The next teddy is Bernard and I bought him for Little Miss Bossy Boots for her first birthday. She loves him but doesn’t play with him as much as I thought she would and I think it’s because he’s a boy and doesn’t wear pretty dresses. I might have to give him a quick sex change at some stage and turn him into Bernadette.


I also bought this little cutie, Herr Nisse. For a while he lived in our yucca but now he looks after my stash. It’s a difficult job but he does really well. Whenever I forget to fold my fabric again he stares at me with this really disapproving look. He’s perfected ‘the look’ and it never takes me long to fold my fabric properly and put it away.

Herr Nisse

Sadly Dorte got a little bit fed up with making teddies and is therefore taking a break from creating these wonderful treasures. I was hoping to add to the family but will just have to wait until Dorte is ready to make some more before choosing another furry friend to come and live with us.

One thought on “Treasure Thursday

  1. Kids are strange about toys- I made a toy fox for my niece Christmas before last (she was about 18 months then) and she wasn’t too bothered, now it’s her absolute favourite toy. So don’t worry Bernard 😉

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