Do you like winter? I do.

My favourite season is autumn because the light is just so special. The colours are vibrant and I can’t think of anything nicer than going for a walk in the sunshine with my camera. The leaves whispering under my feet as I shuffle them about, seeing nature at its most radiant.

This burst of colour is, of course, followed by the more subdued winter. Most people enjoy it as long as they have Christmas to look forward to but when that is over winter really hits with early evenings and cold, frosty mornings. I admit I used to wish for spring with vehemence every winter until I discovered the beauty of winter when I moved to England five years ago.

I arrived in this country on January 17th, with no knowledge of the area and no job but with a camera and a dog. So I went exploring with Aron and found a beautiful landscape that was so different from my home in Switzerland. Since then I have liked winter, a lot. Oh, I do still grumble when it’s miserable outside and I have to take Aron for a walk but I try my best to see some positive ¬†in it.

Aron loves the crisp, cold air of winter and becomes a puppy again whenever we take him to the park. He’s a happy, smiley dog who makes me happy, too.

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